good company
commissioned by ran jaden cao for good company tea

photographed and styled by j. bilhan additional contributions from latifa albokhari


level music
season two

music artists: halima, dufflebag buru, a. j. tracy, bulletproof tiger, jackie mendoza, sage baptiste, dreamer boy, sara king, san mei, young roc, mamalarky, field trip, bathe, elephant gym.

produced by ran jaden cao, photographed by j. bilhan. additional credits: hyphen works, ben searels, jess zhang, danyal niazi, rebecca gerhard, leo aguirre, jake cheriff, alexia salingaros, keaton loudamy, connor white, johnny lee, kat costigan, ben locke, zach eustace, warner music group.

season one

phlemuns advertising campaign

concieved by james flemons, lexie park, and franc fernandez

photographed by j. bilhan


commissioned by solange for levis and reebok

produced by louis lewis, portraits photographed by j. bilhan

styled by armina mussa and mindy lebrock.


art review magazine
portrait of mark bradford commissioned by john morgan

photographed by cyberlarge
produced by louis lewis